Monday, August 25, 2014

Necklines | V- Neck

Ever wondered what kind of necklace to wear with a particular shirt? Today we'll take a look at accessorizing V-shaped necklines. The goal here is to accent the shirt but bring the attention back to the wearer's face. (note: while I will give tips about both necklaces & earrings, I will only show necklace examples in the pictures.)
~ See necklace here:
Vintage Pinks
Whether you're wearing a shallow or deep V-neck shirt, here are some general principles:
     Use pendants & dangles to fill the neckline
     Earrings can be longer & more of an chandelier style

For the pictures above, I opted for a simple necklace without dangles & let the length of the design fill the neckline. While the necklace does work with post earrings, a short dangle with the two pink colors would compliment the style better.
~ Actual necklace not available, see similar option here:
Periwinkle Asymmetry
This time I went with a simple but fun asymmetrical necklace with pendant dangles to fill in the neckline a little. I've wanted to design some asymmetrical hoop earrings to echo the necklace's style, but haven't come up with something that I really liked... Medium dangle earrings or chandeliers would compliment the elegance of this necklace. Since I always have on a cami with my V-neck shirts, I rarely wear a necklace with lots of dangles (too much contrast of texture for my simple tastes) but if your style is more bold, go for it!
~ See necklace here:
Mint & Grey
This necklace is a favorite because it adds sparkle & color while softening the deepness of this V-Neck. Because the necklace is simple, long crystal earrings or hoops would make a lovely accent. Unless, you prefer to keep things classic & shorter. =)
~ See set here:
Cherry Blossom
Last of all, I chose a whimsical drop necklace to wear with this shirt. Why? The drop accents the V but the flowers (and different color from shirt) bring one's attention back up to the face. The sweet flower earrings are a must to finish off this feminine look.

What was helpful? Have you tried any of these tips?

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