Meadowland Designs

In a world where jewelry is found everywhere & usually mass produced, the research, thought and love that goes into handmade is itself unique. In a world where jewelry is bright, loud & attention getting, my jewelry focuses on being feminine and an accent. Yes, it might be bright and an attention grabber, but it pulls the attention to the person who wears it. 

As a small, feminine woman with whimsical tastes, I wanted jewelry that suited my style without costing an arm & a leg. I set about learning how to make jewelry with books from the local library & went to work. Many mistakes were made in the beginning but with encouragement from family and friends, I continued on.

Over the years that I have been designing jewelry, I learned about the materials & how well they wear. Originally I used whatever I could lay my hands on. For several years now, I have been working with just wire and a variety of beads along with making my own pendants & components out of polymer clay. I also do research and tests before I switch to a new material in my jewelry because I want trustworthy products. I keep up with all the news & innovations going on in my sphere of jewelry making. My designs are all my own & made using just wire & high quality beads.

Catherine Sorensen

I'm a tiny, twenty-something who enjoys color & details. When I'm not working on business tasks, I can be found playing the piano & singing my heart out, going for long walks & mulling over a book I've just read (anything from web design & fonts to Jane Austen & J.R.R. Tolkien), and tackling the various duties that come with being a homemaker.