Monday, August 18, 2014


~ Sunflower Necklace ~
Having lived in Kansas for most of my life, sunflowers are a familiar sight in the summer. They seem to prefer neglect as they willingly spring up like weeds but they're rather stubborn to grow from seed. This necklace was originally part of a necklace & earring set but the earrings sold back in April.
~ Custom Order ~
{bracelet set}
This picture shows three of several bracelets I've been working on. I got a request for a bracelet to match a necklace & earring set in the shop. That request evolved into matching bracelets for the rest of the ladies in the family.
~ Autumn Jewelry ~
{several back in shop}
Custom order fulfilled, I've been getting caught up on jewelry that needed to be photographed. This necklace (part of a set) always reminds me of dark autumn days with glints of sunlight flashing on the pines, reflecting off the turning leaves & the dull brown showing in the dying grass.

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