Saturday, August 16, 2014

Necklines | Round or Scooped

Ever wondered what kind of necklace to wear with a particular shirt?
Today we'll take a look at accessorizing round necklines. The goal here is to accent the shirt but bring the attention back to the wearer's face. (note: while I will give tips about both necklaces & earrings, I will only show necklace examples in the pictures.)
~ actual necklace not available, see similar here:
Hand-knotted Necklaces
Whether you're wearing a crewneck, round or scoop neck shirt, here are some general principles:
     Keep jewelry simple, very few dangles
     Fill in the neckline by wearing short necklaces
     Earrings should be in keeping with the necklace style (for example: choker necklace with posts or      short earrings, longer necklace with short-medium earrings)

In the pictures above, I chose a necklace with a semi-random pattern & uneven stones to match the relaxed style of shirt. The main guideline with all shirts is to fill the space between collar & neck as is shown in bottom left picture. Short, almost choker length is best accented by post earrings that pull a color or metal tone from the necklace. Some people just don't like short necklaces or having jewelry touch their skin which is why I show the same necklace worn both long & knotted at the front.
Just make sure that the necklace falls either above or below the collar. This also applies to earrings; after all, we don't want the jewelry getting lost in the neckline!
~ See necklace here:
Frozen Ice
This time I went with a dangle necklace, making sure that the design still matched the shirt's casual styling. The necklace is clear (great year-round & popular in summer) which allows it be a subtle accent without taking attention away from the person. A short pair of dangle earrings in the quartz would finish this look.
~ See necklace here:
Opal Drops
This shirt will more formal though still feminine with its lace pattern & I chose a simple long necklace that would flow past the neckline. Again, it's a simple design in a milky clear that goes with everything. Plus, it has no clasp so no worries if it slides around while being worn. Since the necklace is long, the earrings could be a wire ring with an opal drop beneath. Not too long, but in keeping with the style of necklace.
~ See necklace here:
Jaded Pearls
In this last of the style examples, the necklace shows how a short, simple dangle can be worn above the neckline for an elegant & dainty look. The earrings made to go with the necklace have a twisted ring from which a crystal & pearl dangle hangs.

How do you style round necklines? Still have questions?

Leave a comment below!

Next up in the Neckline series is: V-Necks.
Model photography by Leaf Dance Photography

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