Friday, August 28, 2015

Versatile Designs | A Happy Discovery

I've always had trouble finding a headband that was useful (tight enough to actually keep ones hair back) & pleasant to wear without eventually getting a headache.

Back in June I was trying to figure out something for keeping most of my hair out of my face for church. Having already tried to make some of my too-tight headbands & slippery ribbons work, I sighed as I glanced around the room. My eyes fell on a favorite pearl necklace that I had decided not to wear with the outfit. It still had an extender attached & looked to be the same length as some of my slippery ribbons. What if...

It worked! The pictures with my hair down are from the next day when I first tried it out in real life. No headache even after wearing it for more than five hours & it did a good job of keeping my hair tidy despite it being a breezy day.
Not one to stop at my first trial, I next tested it out in my favorite way of twisting all my hair up & back. Again, I was pleased with the result. It stayed well & was easy to add to my hairstyle. For the time being, I have it available in my shop with a metal clasp. I'll be doing some testing because I plan to switch the clasp out for ribbon ties. That way, it will be easy for anyone to use without having to find out what size they'd need.

What do you think of this versatile design that started as a necklace & ended as a headband?

All photography (except the necklace picture) by Jenny from Leaf Dance Photography

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