Saturday, October 24, 2015

Color Palettes | Rose Tones

Lillian in Faded Rose
Whenever I'm planning a design with lots of color, I turn to Design Seeds for inspiration. So, when I was working on several new Lillian necklaces, I picked the Rose Tones from Design Seeds.
Although Swarovski crystals come in nearly one hundred different colors, they still don't have exact matches for everything & so, my design is a little more vibrant than the inspiration. 
The Lillian necklace features gorgeous Swarovski crystal hand knotted on french cotton. It has lovely drape so that is always looks nice when worn. In addition to the drape, it can be worn three different ways:

Long & loose
Doubled up
Knotted in the front

My favorite way is knotted in the front but I'd love to hear how you can see yourself wearing it! Comment below with your opinion!

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