Saturday, January 17, 2015

Pearls | Yearly Designs

Freshwater Pearls - Four Strands in Various Colors

Pearls: smooth satiny elegance which has been a classic accessory through the years

I've always loved pearls & enjoy using them in designs whether they're simply a creamy white or a charming color that adds a pop to the design. Unintentionally I made a creamy white design each year, starting back in 2009.

Strung Pearl Necklace with Crystals, 2009
It's a twist on the classic strand of pearls with tiny gold accents & sparkling Swarovski Crystals. Elegant in its very simplicity. 

Mixed Metal Pearl Wirework Necklace, 2010

This was the year I started experimenting with making my own links & of course I had to try them out with some lovely pearls. I wrapped the pearls in antique brass wire & connected them with golden brass links. It's an easy way to mix metals & add a dash of variety to a simple design.

Asymmetrical Pearl Wirework Necklace with vintage crystal, 2011

Originally this design was made in silver & was modern looking in its asymmetry. Somehow, it didn't quite suit & I redid it in golden brass. Those lovely crystal drops are vintage, taken from a bracelet of a grandmother. 

Pearl Flower Wirework Necklace with crystals, 2012

2012 was the year I got comfortable with my wire skills & started experimenting with more free form shapes. That lead to petal/leaf shapes & my (now popular) flower designs.

Pearl Cluster Wirework Necklace, 2013

This design shows the advantage that numbers have: simple & slightly boring alone, pearls can be stunning when concentrated in one spot.

Strung Pearl & Vintage Glass Necklace, 2014

Last year I continued the tradition & used pearls in this design that features vintage glass. A classy way to remake a necklace that was just a little heavy - both in weight & sheer sparkles! The glass is gorgeous but three strands of solid sparkle is a little much for most people.

What did you like? Any suggestions for this years design?


  1. Your pearl necklaces are so beautiful, Catherine!

    1. Thank you Emily!

      There's just something about pearls that I love. Probably the classic elegance & that they go with just about everything, making them so handy for outfits & events.


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