Friday, March 13, 2015

Shoebox Vintage | Brooches & Belts

Jewelry Box with Vintage Brooches.

Treasure Box

Awhile back I was given a shoebox full of vintage necklaces, clip-on earrings & brooches. At the time I wasn't able to do more than quickly look through them but now I can share these whimsical treasures with you. Today we're going to take a look at the pieces that would be worn on clothing.


Even though there's only five brooches to look at, they're all so different & unique from one another.

Fiery Sun Brooch

Fiery Sun Brooch

This one reminds me of how everyone drew the sun in childhood pictures; it seems like it has twenty rays (which sometimes looked more like octopus tentacles) that alternate red & gold. All in all, it's a classic cherry red & gold brooch that makes for an eye-catching accent.

Mother of Pearl Bird Brooch

Mother of Pearl Bird Brooch

A simple, carved bird in gorgeous creamy white mother of pearl. This brooch just seems like it would go with anything & fit right in.

Moss Agate Brooch with Gold Filigree Spirals

Moss Agate with Gold Filigree Brooch

Faintly patterned with creamy specks, the polished Moss Agate stone shines in the center of the round filigree spirals. Classic & simple, this brooch would add a subtle touch to any jacket or sweater.

Golden Bouquet Brooch

Golden Blossom Brooch

At first I thought this brooch was meant to be worn vertically with the blossom stem at the bottom but from the way the pin clasp goes it looks like horizontally would be more correct. Whichever way it is, this brooch adds a lovely element of metallic texture to an outfit.

Rose Bouquet Brooch.

Rose Bouquet Brooch

Probably my favorite out of the brooches, this bouquet has coral pink roses made of a plastic & metal leaves with green enamel on them. Silver metal stems & a quirky angle if worn with the pin completely horizontal finish off this delightful piece.

Belt Clasp

Two piece mouse belt clasp

Golden Mice Clasp

Even though I don't think I'd actually wear it, this belt clasp is so quirky that I can't help smiling each time I see it. Partly because of the ears but the whole design is full of whimsy down to the wee curved tails. There's a hook to connect the two mice & loops underneath them for the belt fabric to be attached to.

That finishes up the brooches & belts from the shoebox & here's my question:

 Do you have any treasures from relatives that you wear or keep for memory's sake?

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