Friday, September 13, 2013

Color Palettes | Winter Tones

~ Wintry Chic Earrings ~
I love shell buttons & when I find some that have filigree as this pair does, I immediately think of chandelier earrings. However, I don't normally use a lot of black in my designs & I was lacking inspiration of what color to combine with it that wasn't one of the typical black & ____ pairings. So I went hunting on Design Seeds for some color palettes to work with & found this:
Winter Tones by Design Seeds
It's quite simple but I'd never have thought of putting jet black & such chocolaty brown in the same design. However, it adds both vibrancy & an element of surprise as your eyes travel down from the hook, seeing classy silver & black and then there's this pop of rich browns & teal blues.

What unusual colors catch your eye?

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