Monday, September 16, 2013

Color Palettes | Branching Hues

~ Early Bloomer Earrings ~
These buttons are quite fun to work with, they are made out of recycled fiber & not only have a lovely visual texture but one that you can feel. I enjoy using Design Seeds to find unique color combinations at any time but especially when I can't think of anything except your basic palettes that can get a little boring.

I liked how this palette uses the reddish pink to add a pop of color to this otherwise simple & calm color scheme...although I do have a confession to make about that reddish pink.

Branching Hues by Design Seeds
Maybe you find yourself wearing a favorite shirt all the time or using a tried & true combination of spices every single time you cook no matter what you're mixing up in the kitchen. Well, I discovered that whenever I want to add a touch of vibrant color to a design, I usually reach for that shade of raspberry pink. I guess I really like how it adds warmth & a touch of sweetness without overdoing it as a rosy pink would. It's unexpected but it works beautifully.

Is there a color that you love & are always reaching for to accent your style?

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