Monday, February 27, 2012

Materials | Wires & Cord

~ Wirework hoop earrings ~
Today I want to take a look at the different parts that hold my designs together.

Beading Wire: Small, flexible wire that is used for most strung designs {see picture below} It usually has beautiful drape so that the jewelry hangs elegantly.
~ Milk & Honey Necklace ~
{can also be worn as a wrap bracelet}
Wire: Generally made out of silver or gold, this wire can be bent, shaped and formed while beading wire can't. I use Artistic Wire rather than gold or silver, partly because of price and partly because it won't tarnish.
~ Quirky Blossom Brooch ~
 Non-tarnish Artistic Wire is a permanently colored copper wire (with the exception of the Non-Tarnish Brass, which is brass) which has an exclusive enamel coating which is made to resist tarnish, chipping and peeling.
~ Handmade hook & eye clasps ~
While the wire is available in a wide variety of colors {from hot pink to amethyst purple}I have stuck with the metal colors of brass {gold}, silver and antique brass.

 Silk String: A material that I have only used in a few designs, the silk string that I use is pure silk that is hand sewn and hand painted with colorfast dyes that won't fade.

What type of strung material do you prefer?

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