Monday, January 30, 2012

Materials | Glass

~ Mixed white glass ~
Out of all the different kinds of glass beads available, I tend to use Czech glass the most. I really like the fire polished {softly faceted} beads, pressed glass flowers, leaves and other unusual shapes.
~ Mixed pink glass ~
Usually available in several different shades of each color and tons of shapes and finishes, they can add simple class to a design or delightful whimsy depending on the shape used.

Another of my favorite glass bead types is made by the Czech Republic: Fire Polished Glass. Just like the pressed glass, they are made in a wide variety of colors, but have a smaller style range.

How do Fire Polished Glass differ from crystals?
They are sharply faceted like crystals and then reheated {Fire Polished} to soften the facets for a smooth finished that is more gentle to skin and stringing material.
~ yellow beads are fire polished
while the teal beads are crystals ~
Next up: Lampwork {also called Flamework} Beads
 These lovely beads are made by hand using glass rods and a flame torch. Different colors of rods, add ins {gold and silver leaf, stringers} are all combined to make unique beads.
~ Emerald Blues Necklace ~
Being the avid book reader and learner; as I was gathering information on jewelry making, I got several books that explained how to make glass beads. The amount of preparation, work and skill that goes into this kind of bead is amazing. The bead used in the above necklace is also hollow & very lightweight.

While crystals do actually fall into this category of glass beads, it seemed best to give them a separate post which you can find here.

Seed Beads: Small beads used as spacers or to add interest if in a unique shape. Seed beads can be found in just about every shape (square, triangle, domed...) & with extra holes for two-stranded designs or intricate beadwork.
~ Garnet Multi-strand Necklace ~
So far I mostly used regular seed beads with a smattering of the fun peanut shape because I do mostly wirework & seed beads tend to get lost unless they're oversized.
~ earrings with peanut seed beads ~

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