Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Custom | Peridot & Topaz Blue

Etsy makes it fairly easy for shoppers to ask questions about a particular item & one day I was asked about this amethyst glass set.
Amethyst Purple Glass Jewelry Set

Customizing a Design

The lady was Christmas shopping for family & friends and wanted to know if I could make two more jewelry sets like the purple one but in different colors. She asked for peridot green & silver, and topaz blue & gold. I emailed her some pictures to double check the colors with her & answered her questions.
Three Sets of Glass Jewelry Designs, Purple, Green & Teal
One of which was whether the green would be too light to show with silver wire & if the gold color would be better. I replied that the green & silver worked fine together without losing color vibrancy & sent her a picture of another design with the same color of green glass & silver wire so she could decide for herself. The colors & wires decided upon, I gave her an approximate time for when the designs would be finished.
Peridot Green Custom Jewelry Set
Once we had the details all worked out, I made chain links & got as much done as possible while waiting for the glass beads to arrive. When they came, I quickly got the designs put together & took pictures to email to the lady as a final check before shipping.
Topaz Blue Custom Jewelry Set

 Do you like how the custom designs turned out?

What design & colors would you chose for custom gifts?

Have you ever asked an Etsy seller a question about their products? 

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