Friday, August 1, 2014

Style Experiments - Removable Pendants

~ Peach Braided Necklace ~
{with lovely vintage shell pendant}
While I've explored different ways of making jewelry that's easy to change (adjustable lengths,  interchangeable pendant options, & different ways to wear), it's been some time since I last came up with something that has potential for working with many design styles.
It all began quite simply; I wanted to expand my jewelry line with more multi-strand necklaces. While I like lush statement jewelry, I had something lightweight, summery & versatile in mind. Something that deserved a bold but simple pendant in the removable style that had been running through my head lately....
Pendant in hand, I went to Design Seeds for a summery palette with that aqua blue & found this:
~ Frosted Summer ~
taken from Design Seeds
Definitely summery but in frosted brights rather than the usual neon tones of summer. I added in matte clear spacer beads to keep the strands looking & feeling light along with golden metal accents to contrast the chilly tones. The dandelion pendant is suspended from a twisted wire ring that slides over all six colorful strands to be removed.

Whether it's worn with the lovely Humblebeads aqua dandelion pendant or simply in it's colorful multi-strands, this necklace is delightful & matches just about everything!

What do you think of removable or interchangeable pendants?

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  1. I really like it!! It's a great idea and I think you should develop it! Your beading is beautiful!!! You really need to keep doing what you're doing. It's really good!
    - A Somewhat New Follower :-)


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