Monday, January 6, 2014

A New Year & New Designs

~ Shimmering Geometry Necklace ~
I've been experimenting with strung designs & how to get a different style just by the beads used. Everyday, classic & chic were a few ideas I had in mind when design. Let's see how I did:
~ Wee Starry Night Necklace ~
This is one of several new designs for little girls. In the past, my jewelry has been semi-friendly for young girls but I'm working towards making a wider selection of simple necklaces, small & short earrings along with stretchy bracelets in bright colors and fun shapes like flowers & butterflies. 
~ Milk & Honey Necklace ~
This necklace is elegant with its repeating pattern & long length, making it a classic design. However, it's not limited to a necklace only as you can also wrap it around your wrist for a multi-strand bracelet. 
{doubled for a wrap bracelet}
~ Shades of Ruby Set ~
This was an experiment to see what effect adding chain swoops would add to the simple crystal necklace. It has lovely drape & the pink looks fabulous against a green shirt.

What do you think of the new lines?

Please feel free to write me with your comments, questions or suggestions!

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  1. I LOVE the first necklace! It is soooo cute.


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