Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Stylish Ombre

~ Draped Rubies ~
{Crystal Ombre Necklace }

Ombre:  French term meaning graduated or shaded colors

I've been experimenting with ombre but mostly within a set color family as from light blue to dark rather than from purple through blue to green.

These colorful swingy earrings echo the style of feel of the necklace above & come as a set. While this design looks lovely against pale pinks & neutrals, it's particularly striking against greens & teals.
~ Draped Rubies ~
{Crystal Ombre Hoop Earrings}
These stick earrings are a simple way to add an intriguing bit of color to your outfit. Yes, they're just blue earrings but the color varations set from dark to light makes for an eye-catching combination.
~ Stormy Blues ~
{Ombre Crystal Stick Earrings} 
~ Sepia Tones ~
{Ombre Crystal Stick Earrings}
~ Black Fade ~
{Ombre Crystal Stick Earrings}
~ Green Stems ~
{Ombre Crystal Stick Earrings}
~ Red Embers ~
{Ombre Crystal Stick Earrings}
~ Spun Honey ~
{Ombre Crystal Stick Earrings} 
These flower earrings are a wee bit more adventuresome than the previous earrings because the color ranges from cheery yellow to orange to fiery red-orange.
~ Icy Fire Flowers ~
{Crystal & Lucite Flower Earrings}

What do you think of ombre?

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